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Friday, January 27, 2006

Busier than heck this week.

That's why there hasn't been much posting for a day or so. Work is going well and school too, there's just lots of both right now. I did take time for lattes at Barnes & Noble with a classmate, Cindy last night, that was pleasant.

Today I bought myself a little present during a trip to Sam's for coffee for the coffee bar at work. Its this anthology, Storyteller, by Rod Stewart. I've been listening to and enjoying Rod Stewart's music since before I had an 8-track player in my 64 Pontiac. So when I saw this 4 CD set today, it just kind of called out to me and I took it home. I did get to listen to most of it at work this afternoon and I've added the music to my hard drive for listening whenever I wish.

Tomorrow is either going to be a day of skiing, which would be prime because of all the fresh snow that fell today, or it will be trip to the desert with Kenny to shoot at some jackrabbits and get a couple guns sighted in. Going to the desert sounds like fun for tomorrow if Kenny doesn't bail out.

My laptop's virus protection is tanked right now and that's got me agrieved big time. The machine had Norton anti-virus installed with a 60 day trial. Last night I tried to buy the upgrades and get them downloaded and installed. Somewhere during the process of installation, something went wrong. Now, re-running the install does nothing, trying to remove the program through the control panel doesn't work and I'm unprotected. So far, I've not found a way to talk to tech support directly, only through email and that's all a pre-packaged, automated answer. If I can't sort it out, I'll carry the computer down to CompUSA to see if they can assist.

I've got a couple papers to write this weekend too! Busy, busy, busy!

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